6.3.46 Release Notes


Created for Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7 (64-bit)

Driver 6.3.46-1 Release Notes

Compatible products
Wacom OneDTC133
Wacom MobileStudio ProDTH-W1320, W1321, W1620, W1621
Wacom Cintiq ProDTH-1320, 1620, DTK-2420, DTH-2420, 3220
Wacom Cintiq Pro 16DTH167
Wacom Cintiq 16DTK-1660, 1661
Wacom Cintiq 22DTK-2260, 2261
Wacom Intuos ProPTH-460, 660, 860
One by WacomCTL-471, 472, 671, 672
IntuosCTL and CTH-480, 490, 680, 690
Intuos 4 XLPTK-1240
Intuos 5PTH and PTK-450, 650, 850
Intuos ProPTH-451, 651, 851
Wacom IntuosCTL-4100, 4100WL, 6100, 6100WL
Cintiq 13HDDTK and DTH-1300
Cintiq 22HDDTK and DTH-2200
Cintiq 24HDDTK and DTH-2400
Cintiq 27QHDDTK and DTH-2700
Cintiq CompanionDTH-W1300
Cintiq Companion 2DTH-W1310
Cintiq Companion HybridDTH-A1300
Wacom Cintiq Pro EngineDPM-W1000
ExpressKey RemoteEKR-100
What's new in 6.3.46

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improved support for Borix FX'S Mocha Pro and Continuum applications.
  • Updated our bundled, third-party drivers to be compatible with the Windows Core Isolation feature.

Note: Because Microsoft has dropped support for Windows 7, customers will need to click "Install" on two different Windows Security messages for the Wacom driver to work with Windows 7.

Driver 6.3.46-1 for Windows
Released on March 29, 2022
Resolved Issues
Affected Fixed
Pen Displays DTH-W1320 DTH-W1620 If you disable touch it will now remain disabled after waking the computer from sleep. 5249
Pen Display DTH-2700 Line breaks no longer appear when drawing in Windows Ink applications on the Cintiq 27 Touch. 5236
Pen Tablets All models Five-finger tap now works consistently. 245
Known Issues
Affected What you can expect
All Devices All models

The Scroll and Pan/Zoom features do not work when assigned to an ExpressKey Remote button.

What you can do about it while we fix it: Set a pen button or ExpressKey to “Scroll” or "Pan/Zoom".

Pen Tablets PTH-460 PTH-660 PTH-860

A four-finger left/right swipe to switch applications does not work.

What you can do about it while we fix it: Set a pen button or ExpressKey to “Switch Application”.

Cintiq Pro DTH-1320

After using Tablet Mode, when you switch back to Display Mode, the pen does not correctly map back onto the Cintiq Pro, but continues to map to the display screen(s).

What you can do about it while we fix it: There is a Monitor drop-down menu in the Wacom Tablet Properties Calibration tab. Select the Cintiq Pro from the drop-down list. Alternatively, you can disconnect the Cintiq Pro from the computer and then reconnect. Or, you can restart the Cintiq Pro.

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