6.3.32 Release Notes


Created for Windows 10, 8, and 7 (Windows 10 S is not supported)

Driver 6.3.32-3 Release Notes

Compatible products
Wacom MobileStudio ProDTH-W1320, W1620
Wacom Cintiq ProDTH-1320, 1620, DTK-2420 and DTH-2420
Wacom Intuos ProPTH-660, 860
One by WacomCTL-471, 472, 671, 672
IntuosCTL and CTH-480, 490, 680, 690
Intuos 4PTK-440, 640, 840, 1240, 540WL
Intuos 5PTH and PTK-450, 650, 850
Intuos ProPTH-451, 651, 851
Wacom IntuosCTL-4100, 4100WL, 6100, 6100WL
Cintiq 12WXDTZ-1201W
Cintiq 13HDDTK and DTH-1300
Cintiq 21UX 2DTK-2100
Cintiq 22HDDTK and DTH-2200
Cintiq 24HDDTK and DTH-2400
Cintiq 27QHDDTK and DTH-2700
Cintiq CompanionDTH-W1300
Cintiq Companion 2DTH-W1310
Cintiq Companion HybridDTH-A1300
Wacom Cintiq Pro EngineDPM-W1000
ExpressKey RemoteEKR-100
What's new in 6.3.32

New Functions, Options, and Improvements!

This driver update changed the appearance of the On-Screen Controls, making them more user-friendly and easier to use.

Wacom has updated our End-User License Agreement and Privacy Notice to ensure compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This driver update includes enhancements to our Diagnostic Logging. Interface improvements and additional features makes Diagnostic Logging easier and more effective.

This driver update includes a variety of other improvements and fixes.

Driver 6.3.32-3 for Windows
Released on December 5th, 2018
Resolved Issues
All Pen Tablets All models We fixed an issue where the Display Toggle tab for pen tablets would duplicate the same display instead of showing the different displays available. 2425
All Display All models We fixed an issue where palm rejection was not working properly and caused touch gestures to trigger when the pen was removed from proximity. 2353
All Pen Tablets All models We fixed an issue where the Zoom function using touch input or a Touch Ring was undesirably fast in Adobe Illustrator. 2496
All Pen Tablets All models We fixed an issue where starting a pen stroke in Celsys Clip Stuio Paint had noticeable lag. 2484
Known Issues
AffectedWhat you can expect
Intuos CTL & CTH-480, 490, 680, 690

The battery life indicator for Intuos pen tablets is not correct. The battery life indicator may display more power than is actually available, leading to unexpected tablet power loss.

What you can do about it while we fix it: Use your pen tablet with a wired connection or charge your tablet more often than usual.

Cintiq 22HD & Cintiq 24 DTK-2200, 2400 & DTH-2200, 2400

When Pen Handedness is set to Left Handed, the ExpressKeys™ on either side of the pen display will be pressed simultaneously, resulting in loss of functionality for one side of ExpressKeys™.

What you can do about it while we fix it: Set the Pen Handedness control to Right Handed. This allows independent function of both ExpressKey™ strips.

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